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March 24, 2021

In December of 2015, I was at a pretty low point in my life.

Sure, I had a lot of great things going for me (marriage, kiddo, career of my choosing), which made me feel even more confused and guilty for the fact that deep down I felt unfulfilled and creatively unexpressed.

I was experiencing discontent on a soul level because I knew I wasn’t living out my passion or purpose. 

As the year 2016 began, I used this discontent as a wake-up call to find a way to change this. I decided that it was time to realign myself with my full creative power (Spoiler alert, it completely changed my life). 

Everyone is so unique, and no one’s life takes the same path, but I want to share the four steps that I took to make this change.

What Is Creative Power?

You might be asking yourself, what does “creative power” mean? 

In short, it’s your ability to create your reality. It’s how you bring your ideas into form, manifest your desires and achieve your goals.

Sister, you are so capable of creating anything you want in your own life. Yes, we all have circumstances and limitations, but these are often much more malleable than we realize. The first block most people have in not being able to access their creative power is believing they don’t have any!

When we desire change in our outer world, it first needs to originate from our inner world. By keeping yourself accountable to your soul desires and empowering (not limiting) belief, you will begin to see big shifts in your lifestyle, health, relationships and attitudes.

What Are The 4 Main Steps In Reclaiming Your Creative Power?

I want to be clear right away that I didn’t have this map when I started. It was only when I looked back and analyzed what and how I had changed that I could see the pathway. If even one of these steps helps you to create a life you desire, I’m glad! 

The four steps to realign yourself and reclaim your creative power are:

  1. Identify where you are playing the victim.
  2. Change your language around lack and limitation.
  3. Find a healthy balance between action and rest.
  4. Embody your inner Queen archetype.

Let’s go deeper into all of these. 


This is crucial and requires brutal honesty with yourself: where in your life are you acting like a victim? 

Too often we unconsciously fall into a victim narrative and it can make life feel like a constant struggle. I was an expert at this in my 20s. I blamed other people and outside circumstances as “reasons” I didn’t have/do things, without taking full self responsibility. I felt like life was happening to me, and I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I could have. 

A victim is powerless and dependent; sister, that isn’t you. You need to throw out your victim résumé! You know, that mental list you keep of blame and failure and excuses.

You are not a victim to life circumstances, you are not powerless and dependent, you are empowered and you are co-creating everything in your reality. 

To get there, you first have to identify where you’re still playing the victim. Is it around money? Love? Health? Career success?

It’s important for me to acknowledge privilege here. We do not all have access to equal opportunities or resources in this world. Some of us, especially people of colour and other visible minorities, are up against systemic racism and a myriad forms of oppression that limit freedom of choice. Some of us are challenged by mental health imbalance or past trauma. I say this because a lot of talk about “manifesting” does not acknowledge this or take into consideration. 

You may realistically be the victim of prejudice, generational poverty, or government control. I will not deny or dismiss this reality. If this is the case, really look at where you have subconsciously adopted that oppression and internalized it. Face up to how you continue to victimize yourself with your beliefs and actions, and begin to free yourself from it.


Once you see where you are in victim mindset, you’ll begin to hear yourself reinforcing this belief. 

The words that come out of our mouths are much more powerful than you might believe. Our words create our lifestyles and influence our attitudes more than anything else. We often say to ourselves, “I can’t do this, I can’t do that.”  Please— STOP putting yourself down, STOP perpetuating the perceived limitation, and to use the power of words to your benefit. 

Really pay attention to why you’re speaking these words to yourself, and you will see a shift in your outer reality. 

Why do you feel this way and where does that lack of confidence come from? Imagine your potential if you threw the negative words out of your vocabulary! 

The next time you hear yourself say “I can’t”, pause and reconsider a more empowering and honest response. “I can’t afford X” becomes “I don’t want to buy X.” Or, “I want to save my money for Y.”

I absolutely love this quote from author Jen Sincero which pulls no punches: “The walls of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favorite excuses.”

Darling, if you really want to make a change or you have a desire to make something specific happen in your life, you can! Speak into reality. Our words are our wands!


Did you know it’s common to experience manifestation burnout? 

Step three is all about creating balance in your active and receptive energy because it’s impossible to constantly use our energy and manifestation powers all the time. 

Once I had stopped acting and speaking like a victim, I was aligned with my soul desires and my creative power was on fire! Then, after a few solid months of continuously manifesting and using my energy to focus on specific goals, I got really burnt out. 

I’ve since found out, that’s normal! However, it’s best to avoid it. Here’s how you can: balance your active and receptive energy states. Ensure you are operating in both your goal-oriented, solar, and strategic energy AND your feeling-oriented, lunar, and intuitive energy. 

Can you sense right away which energy state is more natural to you? I encourage you to let your less dominant one lead the way sometimes. Allow your intuition to guide your goals, and let your strategic side also be receptive.

Finding a balance between those two energy states will give your body the support it needs to avoid becoming too drained, so that you can continue manifesting and using your energy. Picture an infinity sign, the figure eight, and feel that flow and reciprocity: how you can actively create and move things forward, and also rest, receive and nourish yourself.


After we’ve identified where we’re still playing a victim, after we start changing our language, after we’re finding a balance between our active and receptive energies… it’s time to call upon the Queens!

Working with any Queen archetypes or Goddesses that hold the confidence and empowerment you resonate with, can help you greatly on your creative power journey. The Queen archetype is strong, smart and knows her own creative and authentic power… she also knows how to use it responsibly. Inviting them in to inspire, guide and support you is a fun and effective way to feel and embody the Queen energy as you change your life. 

You can call these energies into your life through ritual, prayer, altar cards or deity embodiment practices. This gives you tangible practices and visual reminders to support you. It helps you connect to another power source outside of your ego identity. Remember, you’re not alone in this and if you are relying too much on your own energy, then you are going to deplete yourself and burn out.

Once you connect to the infinite intelligence of the universe, Divine Source energy, God, Goddess— however you want to name it and however you want to work with it— then you are really co-creating!

Reclaim Your Creative Power

This isn’t a 4-step recipe that you do once and you’re done. It’s an ongoing process. Reclaiming your creative power also means you’ll have to look at your relationship to power, your definition of it, how it’s been role modeled to you… and there a lot to unpack there. Empowering yourself is a soul healing journey.

When we have a mindset of lack and competition, power can be scary. I choose a different way, one that is abundant, inclusive and collaborative. Me having power and success doesn’t mean that you can’t have power and success. That’s the old story of patriarchy and oppression. In my life and work, I aim to embody my Queen archetype and model my authentic creative power so that it inspires and wakes up yours! Let’s create and lead together!

Let’s recap these four life-changing steps:

  • First, identify where you’re playing the victim in your life. 
  • Second, change that victim language into empowering language. 
  • Third, create balance in your active and receptive energies. 
  • Fourth, Directly invoke and work with a Queen archetype or Goddess what makes you feel empowered and confident. 

You, sister, have the potential to create whatever you want with your life; you hold that power. 

I’d love to know if these 4 steps were helpful for you. Share in the comments below!

FREE RESOURCES: Do you want more support on your empowerment and manifestation journey? You might enjoy my Manifest with Moon Magic Ritual Guide.

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