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June 8, 2023

If you’re someone who has chosen to be of service, to be a bright light in the world, you are a lightworker. 

I used to really resist that term. I didn’t resonate with it, as I understood that most of my healing was with shadow work. I now understand that whether I adopt the term or not, I fit the definition of being a lightworker!

Since you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you know you’re a lightworker and have accepted your soul’s mission. Amazing!

In this blog, I’m sharing 5 essential practices that will help keep you centered, protected and effective as a lightworker.

  1. Ground your energy daily

Daily grounding can be done in many ways. The purpose of any grounding activity is to place you in alignment with the earth so your energy is calm and steady.

Some ways you can ground: Breathe into your relaxed belly and tap into Mama Gaia below your feet, softening your heart and feeling Her love and support.

Go for a walk in nature, without listening to music or a podcast or being on your phone, so you are present with the elements. If you can, get barefoot on the earth.

Do a meditation (on your own or listening to a guided one) that focuses on your ‘roots’.

Hold a stone or crystal, or sit with your back against a tree.

2. Clear your energy daily

A second essential daily practice is energy clearing. This is a similar practice to grounding, but with a different intent.  I like to ground in the mornings, and clear in the evening before bed.

This is a practice sometimes saved for difficult or emotional times, but it really needs to be a DAILY practice, especially for empaths who pick up other people’s baggage unintentionally!

Some ways you can clear your energy field: “comb out your aura” with your hands, breath, or intuitive sound and movement, clearing your energy field of anything that’s not yours. 

Scent or sacred smoke. Get out the Nag Champa, copal resin, sustainably-sourced Palo Santo or beloved sage, or diffusing essential oils.

Work with crystals that have specific properties for clearing energy like smoky quartz, black tourmaline, or selenite. 

3. Stop being a victim to your gifts

The next essential practice is to EMBRACE— not blame — your gifts. You may be unintentionally disempowering yourself by playing the victim to your intuition, psychic gifts, or extra sensitivity as an empath.

The more regularly you perform the first two suggestions of grounding and clearing your energy, the more you will feel protected and in control. You can honour your need for alone time or limiting interactions with people or experiences that drain you, without feeling victimized by those needs.

Your gifts are the way the Universe is communicating with you. When cultivated and trusted, your gifts can enhance your life, and those around you!

4. Face your shadows with curiosity and compassion

If you’re a lightworker, then you’re also a shadow worker. The only way to grow and shine bright is to look at what blocks or dims your light! Address the secret, the hidden, and the denied in yourself.

Instead of hating on the parts of yourself that you judge, be willing to extend compassion and get curious about them.  Let the light of your LOVE reach down down down and illuminate the deepest parts of yourself. 

Lightworkers are not meant to arrive unscathed from the initiatory journey of a Lightworker calling.  The greatest healers have been wounded— and transformed their wounding into light. 

Examine your shadow, and then mend these core wounds through love to live in the light. You will shine bright as a powerful Lightworker when you engage with this shadow healing work.

5. Plug your light into an outlet

Find a channel to be of service, which is medicine for the soul. It is an expression of your inner interdimensional being. It is an expression of your LIGHT! 

Your channel for service can come in many forms. Perhaps it is a garden you nurture and bring forth fruits and vegetables to nourish yourself and your loved ones. Perhaps you write lyrics to the Goddess and sing these words out with love. Perhaps it is in pie making! Whatever way you express, just do it! 

Lightwork taps into our creative zeal. It awakens our senses and makes us long for brushes and paint, piano and guitar, an open door and an imaginative mind. This practice isn’t about turning a profit (though it might, in time!). It’s about expressing a new Light source for the world to find healing. 

So find some way, or many ways!, to channel your energy through creative expression. Through that expression you reach others. Without an outlet, you aren’t sharing the healing bounty of your Light!

If you enjoyed this post, please leave me a comment below or feel free to share it online or with a Lightworker friend. 

You are also invited to join Rituals & Rhythms with EarthSong Temple, a private Facebook community of conscious, creatrix lightworkers from all over the world.

Shine on, lightworker!

~ Flora

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