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January 13, 2023

The season of winter is associated with the archetype of the Crone, the Wise Woman. 

Just like winter, Crone energy is slower, quiet, and deep. This is in stark contrast to the busy-ness, stress, and even frantic energy that is now typical with the winter holidays around Solstice, Christmas and the calendar new year.

If December was more like holi-daze for you… may January bring you more relaxation and fun.

I’m coming back from my “sacred pause” feeling refreshed and re-inspired.

Yet at the same time, I’m easing into January S L O W L Y… allowing myself to continue to be in the winter energy of doing less and resting more.

The Crone can help us connect with our intuition, inner guidance and wisdom.

She welcomes silence and solitude. Find Her there. Her energy is slower, more intentional.

Her wisdom, beauty and power are so maligned and misunderstood, which stems from our modern society’s generalized disregard for our elders. We no longer respect them as the libraries of knowledge that they are. 

This also means that the Crone’s wisdom, beauty and power are untapped potential waiting to be embraced

Thankfully, we can embrace this archetypal energy at any age. We don’t need to wait until we become “of a certain age” before embodying or working with the Crone Goddesses. Just like we can play with our inner Maiden at any age, as well!

Same goes for the season. Winter energy is naturally aligned with Wise Woman energy, and so it’s sometimes “easier” to connect when the environment around you is humming the same tune. However, you can call upon Crone wisdom any day of the year. 

It’s true that the qualities often associated with Elders do tend to come more naturally to us in our “Golden years”. But this is a gift, not a guarantee. Like the saying goes: getting older is inevitable, getting wiser is optional.

We’re talking about Wise Woman qualities such as being slower to react, taking time to reflect and respond, being comfortable with solitude and silence, and having a strong connection to intuition and the wisdom that comes from a long life.

The Wise Woman Crone trusts her intuition implicitly, and also trusts the unknown and the cycles of life. 

When we embrace our inner Crone energy, we can access this trust and deep connection to universal wisdom.

Some of us will be more naturally inclined to this, while the rest of us will need to intentionally work at it some more. 

Here are 5 practices to connect with Crone wisdom:

    1. Spend 1 hour a week in intentional silence.

Taking this sacred time to regularly be in silence will expand your comfort level for being quiet and give you ample opportunity for listening to your inner Wise Woman. It’s totally ok if your life right now only allows for you to take four, 15 minute windows a week to be in silence. 

It’s also absolutely fine if this silence practice is done with movement, like dance or walking in nature. As long as it’s intentional! For example, washing the dishes without speaking for 15 minutes while your brain is still chattering at 100 miles a minute is NOT it.

Approach this practice with curiosity and detachment. Be open, but have no expectations of what it might be like or what you might receive from listening in the silence. 

    1. Stop multitasking and prioritize your full presence.

We’ve become addicted to doing in our modern Western culture. Crone wisdom invites us to be fully present with whatever we are doing. Just eat— no reading or scrolling or commuting at the same time. Have just one tab open on your computer.

I know this is a challenging one! Just do the best you can, and simply become more aware of the ways that you habitually multitask out of distraction, and make adjustments. 

When you catch yourself in fragmented focus, come to your breath. Breathe deeply for a few moments, and become fully present in the moment. Notice how much spaciousness is created and how much more you appreciate what’s happening when you are fully present.

It’s incredible how our perception of time changes drastically depending on whether we are present in the moment, or energetically/ mentally in the future or the past. It’s like MAGIC when we learn to bring our full presence to each moment.

    1. Connect to your inner Wise Woman Crone daily.

Incorporate a daily practice of taking a few moments to connect with your inner Wise Woman Crone. This can be as simple as closing your eyes, breathing deeply, slowly and intentionally, and communicating with Her. 

At first, it may be helpful to have an inner dialogue; you could ask for clarity or guidance on some life situation, or just check in to say hello and send gratitude. In time, you may discover that your communication becomes less verbal and more intuitive. This is a powerful and intimate relationship that’s yours to discover!

Just remember that no one appreciates a friend who only calls when they’re in crisis. Same goes for our spirit guides and Higher Self. Creating this daily habit of being in relationship with your inner Wise Woman Crone ensures that you aren’t “using” Her for help only when you’re stuck, but nurturing your connection with gratitude in the good times, as well. 

    1. Embrace slowness.

Along with our addiction to so much DOING, we value things being done FAST. Many of us wear our “busy-ness” like a badge of honour. The Crone doesn’t care for speed, and instead encourages us to slow down and enjoy life. 

Could you incorporate more slow meals into your week? Not with preparing the meal necessarily, but eating the meal slowly and keeping the family around the table longer? 

Is there a scenic route to work that takes a little longer but has views that inspire you? 

Can you take the pressure off yourself thinking you need to respond to texts or emails immediately, and get back to them the next day— without apologizing?

If you and your spouse have fallen into the habit of “quickies” for sexual connection, can you plan for a full hour of romantic sensuousness?

Have fun thinking of ways to embrace slowness in your life.

    1. Work with a Crone deity for spiritual support.

You may be inspired to work with a particular Crone God/dess to enhance your connection and embodiment of this energy. There may already be one in your awareness that has been metaphorically “knocking on your door” for some time. Or, you may choose to do some research into your cultural heritage for a Crone that appeals to you. 

Some examples of Goddesses are: Hecate (Greek), Cerridwen (Celtic), Sedna (Inuit), XochiQuetzal (Aztec/ Mexican), Minerva (Roman), Snotra (Nordic), Erishkigel (Mesopotamia), Nekhebet (Egyptian), Cailleach (Celtic), Baba Yaga (Russian), Frau Hulda (Slavic)

Remember, these Goddesses are not always portrayed as older women. Often, Wise Women have the gift of shape shifting. But all these deities embody the qualities of the Crone in some way, and it will give you somewhere to start with your own exploration.

You may feel inspired to “switch up” your matron Goddess with the season! Work closely with a Maiden/ Creatrix goddess in Spring, a Mother Goddess in the Summer, a Queen/Sorceress in the Autumn, and a Crone in Winter. Trust and follow your inspiration and intuition! 

Are you inspired to try 1 or 2 or all of these practices? Please let me know in the comments! 

I’d also love to hear what YOUR experience has been with Wise Woman energy and/or working with Crone Goddesses. Blessed be.

Header image art: Witch of the White Wood by Eran Fowler.

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