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March 14, 2022

Do you usually perform your rituals in silence? It’s time to start incorporating your voice in your craft. It’s the most personal and powerful instrument of healing and manifestation you have!

Here are 5 ways you can start using your voice, sound and music in ritual, meditation, and ceremony.

  1. Speak your prayers, your invitations, and your intentions for your ritual out loud

Say it out loud, sisters. You’re probably laughing right now and thinking “Okay, right. Of course!”  But really, this is the first and easiest step that you can take to start using your voice in your ritual path workings. If you have become used to doing everything in silence, it can be easy to forget. I acknowledge that silence is also powerful and amplifying, however, I’m here to encourage you to switch it up a little. 

Consider this: what if you called in your guides, your angels, any deities or ancestors that you’re choosing to work with for a particular ritual or meditation, by inviting them out loud? 

What would that feel like? And if you’re praying, what would it take for you to speak your prayer out loud? Even if you just whispered it? What would that be like? I love talking to my divine team. And you don’t need to say them by name.  You can just say, “I now call in and welcome my spirit guides to be with me in this ritual.” It can be that simple.

  1. Use your voice as an instrument for creating sacred space

You might have a certain crystal that you normally use, or a wand, athame, or some other sacred object to cast your circle. But remember, you also have the sacred instrument of your voice! 

You can create your sacred space by toning some long notes, or you can call in the directions or the elements by speaking them out loud. You can intuitively feel into the sound of East being air, South being fire, West being water, and North being Earth. When you connect into those, what is the sound? Have some fun with your expression, let your intuition guide you.

Another way that you can use your voice as a sacred tool is in releasing energy with some sound. Or if you’re raising energy, you can use your voice to amplify. Howling at the moon, anyone?

Whatever is happening in your meditation or ritual, how can it be complimented or even amplified by using your voice? 

You may be thinking, “Whoa! I could never do that! My family would hear me or my roommates would think I’m a weirdo.” I get it. Maybe you want to do this when you’re home alone, or go elsewhere for privacy. Because it sure feels good when we have a very clear channel and we’re understanding our voice as another magical tool that we can work with in our rituals.

  1. Intuitively listen for a melody or rhythm that can be paired with prayer or rhyme

Intuitively listen for a melody or rhythm that can be paired with prayer or rhyme once you’ve created your sacred space. For example: If you are working with “I release everything that holds me back from expressing my truth. I release anything that is holding me back from expressing my truth.” 

Then this is where we need silence. Drop in and listen. Is there a melody? Even a few notes? Or is there a rhythm? Anything that you can snap your fingers to, drum, or clap? You don’t have to keep the rhythm, just start to explore. 

This is how you begin to create what I call Song Spells. Intuitively receiving a melody or rhythm that weaves your intentions and prayers with musical magic.

Explore spoken word or singing. See if a rhyme comes out naturally, or not. It doesn’t have to be melodic, it could just be rhythmic. It’s fun and it also feels really witchy and powerful, so even if singing or chanting is too much of a stretch for you, just let yourself play around vocally. And if you listen and you do hear a little melody, play with it!

  1. Encode your crystals by singing and speaking to them

If you’re a crystal lover, then you know they all emit a unique frequency and have incredible properties— including the ability to be encoded by sound. Quartz crystals are especially adept at this: most notably clear quartz and rose quartz, but also smoky, milky and blue quartz and amethyst and citrine.

Try a little experiment: grab your nearest or favourite crystal, hold it, close your eyes, sit with it, and listen. In time you’ll hear something. Whether a humming tone or a tune or an actual message, crystals want to communicate! Crystals love it when you sing or speak to them.  

If you’re skeptical, I respect that. So contemplate that maybe you’re not actually hearing the vibration of the crystal, but the crystal is supporting your intuition and clairaudience.  

You can also use a crystal singing bowl for this. Let your encoded crystals be a record keeper, a frequency holder, and anchor to hold the energy of your intentions or prayers on your altar, or in your pocket, or wearing it around your neck.

  1. Work with an existing song or a chant

You can intentionally include recorded music in your ritual, or sing an existing chant that’s resonant to whatever you’re working with. Play the song and sing along, letting the music support what you are trying to manifest/ heal/ release/ etc.

Maybe you have some sacred instruments like drums, rattles, or a sistrum that you reserve for ceremony and ritual, or sound healing tools like singing bowls or tuning forks. Playing them with the music as you also sing will further enhance your vocal magic.

If intuitively creating song spells or just bringing your voice into your ritual is something that brings up a lot of fear, this may be an easy first step to try. There is a lot of beautiful devotional music out there that you can work with. 

A note about repetition: Let’s say on a new moon you’re doing an intention setting ritual, and you play a song that you’ve specially chosen. The song itself holds a lot of the meaning that you’re wanting to bring in. Well, don’t just play it once on the new moon, and then forget about it! You can play or sing the song over and over again throughout the month as you continue to work with your intention. Hearing the music will bring you back into the portal of power that you opened with your ritual and further support your manifestation. 

Have I missed one you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!

If this is really challenging for you…

If this is really challenging for you and you’re feeling a lot of resistance, I know you’re simultaneously attracted to working with your voice more, but you’re scared. Just pick one of these five suggestions.  Start with saying something out loud. Work with your voice in any way that you are intuitively guided. Remember the incredible instrument you have that is literally right under your nose. Your voice the most personal and powerful tool we have for healing and manifestation. 

This is why I offer 1:1 Vocal Healing Sessions, to heal whatever blocks you have around your throat chakra and to liberate your voice so that you feel utterly confident in your expression. 

If you know that you have healing to do around your voice and you want to work with someone, vocal healing sessions aren’t just for singing, but also public speaking so we are clear in our expression. This is three months of working with me intimately. I bring a unique blend of skills and experience to this opportunity as both a professional singer and a priestess. 

If you’re interested, you can book a time to chat with me with no obligation or strings attached. Let’s see if your goals are in alignment with my 1:1 Vocal Healing Sessions. If this is singing to your soul and you’re nervous to metaphorically unmute yourself, I feel you and I want to talk to you. Go here for more info and to book a free connection call.

Blessed be.

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