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February 23, 2022

In early February, as we celebrated Imbolc, I felt the “seeds of Spring” beginning to stir.

A quiet quickening of energy.

I found my creative inspiration rising along with it, and a familiar urge to “pick up the pace” and get busy

…to start new projects before finishing current ones…

…worrying about plans that are 6-10 months down the road, instead of being fully present with what’s happening NOW…

…and before I knew it, I was paralyzed with overwhelm and indecision.

Speaking with a close friend, I confessed that on top of my overwhelm, I noticed some harsh judgment from my inner critic.

My inner mean girl was sneering at me: “What, you can’t hack it like you used to? What’s wrong with you!”

My friend reminded me that I’m really good at “piling it on” and managing a lot of things at once. But, did I really want to keep doing that?

I realized that I was (once again) at odds with my conditioned core belief that my productivity equals my self worth.

By slowing down, doing less, prioritizing my self care and family time, and having a spacious schedule, I’d triggered my worthiness wound.

I was behaving in different, new ways that were unplugging me from the habits of striving and struggling. And I hit an edge of feeling safe in this more sustainable way of being.

Just because I CAN do a lot, doesn’t mean I WANT to anymore.

The pandemic has forced us all to go out less and get crystal clear on what’s really important in our lives.

The entire world is operating at a different pace— one much slower than the frenetic speed modern life had normalized.

We have all been recalibrated, and right now it feels like we are at a crossroads where we get to choose:
are we going back to how we used to live and work, or are we going to create a new normal?

I’m choosing a new normal.

One in which I have spacious, relaxed, creative days. Where I can focus on one project at a time. And where I don’t feel guilty for not being constantly busy!

My new normal is way less social media, and more time in nature, creativity, and with my family and friends.

My intuition is telling me that by “doing” less, I’ll actually create more.


So sisters, this is what I’m feeling and healing these days… breathing through allll this with you!

These affirmations came through in my morning ritual today at my altar, and I wanted to share them in case you resonate:

I’m allowed to do less.

I give myself permission to have a spacious schedule.

I release the old conditioning that had me believe my productivity makes me a worthy person.

I trust my pace.

My work can be easeful and pleasurable.

I choose what success looks and feels like for me.

I’m allowed to relax.

This truly feels like a returning to a natural pace of life.

I know I’ll have to continue choosing it, as I continue to heal the conditioning that had me so busy in the first place.

As a Cyclic Living Teacher, this is me walking the talk!

Hopefully this message was medicine for you in some way.

Let’s create this new normal together.

In harmony,

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