Explore all 7 of the Sacred Feminine Archetypes with the

Archetypal Awakening Bundle

You’ve received a tiny taste of the delicious magic in archetypes by taking the quiz. 

Through discovering your primary archetypal expression, you’ve unlocked a mythic soul mystery in yourself. It’s an exciting journey that has only just begun.

If you want to discover more about yourself through this spiritual study, you will love this Archetypal Awakening Bundle!

You receive:

Journal Guide filled with wisdom questions for you to connect with each archetype through writing

Intro Guide to the archetypes that contains:

  • The strengths and shadows of each archetype
  • Affirmations to work with
  • Printable archetype altar card
  • Myth and sacred symbols of each Goddess
  • Embodiment Practice to activate the chakra and archetypal energy
  • Altar creation suggestions
  • Background of archetypal psychology and intro information

7 guided audio journeys connected to a Goddess and archetype:

  • Journey with Persephone
  • In Demeter’s Garden
  • Warrior Goddess Activation
  • Emerald Fountain of Quan Yin
  • Aphrodite’s Magic Shell
  • Hecate at the Crossroads
  • Initiation with Goddess Isis

A few samples of the meditations:

In Demeter's Garden

Emerald Fountain of Quan Yin

Hecate at the Crossroads

Working with archetypes, we feel empowered through self-actualization, because we have more tools available to us.

We first expand our conscious awareness to ourselves— but it doesn’t end with self-discovery. We're then able to look at the world through an archetypal lens which allows us to extend this awareness to others. We begin to have more understanding and compassion for the people around us.

This exploration has profoundly transformed my life and work in such an empowering way. My hope is that you too find deep personal insights, a greater understanding of your loved ones, and enjoy this introduction to sacred feminine archetypes through meditations, journal writing, and ritual practices.

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