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May 7, 2024

Today is the day!!! Happy New Moon, beloved. In the grounded, sensuous and generous sign of Taurus, it’s a special day for my new album to be born.

This album is full of Goddess chants and song spells. The music celebrates the lunar, the Divine Feminine, and is designed to be used for personal rituals and group ceremonies.

Center of the Pentacle is now released into the world to spread its magic!

It is my deepest wish that these songs are soul medicine and ritual inspiration for Priestesses and Pagans everywhere.

With this musical offering, I am taking a stand for the healing of the pentacle as a powerful symbol of elemental resonance. 

Here are some of my personal faves from all the texts and social comments I’ve received:

“These songs evoke remembrance of sacred forest groves filled with sparkling light & dancing sisters around a fire with stars above!”

“Oh my Goddess! Goosebumps from the first song. This new album is pure magic.”

“Your album is moving me in such a vibrant and emotional way. I’m literally crying and reviving this feeling I used to have as a kid that I was so convinced I was a witch and could talk to the land and control the wind! Thank you!”

It’s clear that my song spells are now free to do their healing and magic in the world.

I’m humbled and grateful to have been the channel for these transmissions to come through.

Some of you have been asking “Where is the best place to buy the album online?”

The answer is either: the platform you already use to purchase music, like Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, etc. 


if you typically stream for free from sites like Spotify or YouTube, then keep on doing that but please also buy my album on Bandcamp.

Thank you for supporting me as an independent musician and a self employed witch.  

Please feel free to let me know how you use these songs in your personal rituals and group ceremonies. I’m here for it!

If you would like a Lyric Booklet for all the songs, go here to grab your free copy.

Blessed be!

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