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February 9, 2024



After millennia of silencing, women are now reclaiming their right to be heard, finding the courage to speak their truths, and discovering the power of their speaking AND singing voice.

“Vocal Awakening” recognizes the significance of this moment and invites women to unblock, heal and empower their voices!

This isn’t just a workshop series—it’s an immersive experience of sound healing, ritual ceremony, and soulful discussions.

Why Attend “Vocal Awakening”?

In the ‘Vocal Awakening’ series, you will:

Be in a Safe Space:
Flora provides a secure and supportive environment for you to explore and express your voice without judgment, and the online format allows you to be in the comfort of your home and to stay muted, if you wish.

Learn Anatomy of the Voice:
Gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of your voice, allowing you to unlock its full potential.

Experience Vocal Sound Healing:
Receive the profound therapeutic effects of your own vocal vibrations, promoting emotional release and healing, plus how you can incorporate this modality into your personal practices or work with clients.

Discover Intuitive Singing:
Learn the art of singing from your intuition, connecting with your inner Muse and expressing your unique voice confidently.

Explore Song Spells & Song Crafting:
Bring sound and song into your personal rituals and activate your voice as the magical tool it is. Learn how to “catch” a song and craft it into a chant, or turn affirmations into manifestation mantras.

Build Confidence in your Leadership:
Acquire tangible tips and techniques to become a more confident song Priestess, grow your business through speaking opportunities, and ways you can bring sacred sound into your ceremonial events.

“Vocal Awakening” is a call to action for women to reclaim their voices as an instrument of healing and a sacred tool for magic and manifestation.

Learn more and RSVP, for free, here.

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