Earthsong Temple

EarthSong is the vibration of creation

the cosmic hum

The eternal cyclic rhythms

of earth, moon, and sun

EarthSong is the ancient conversation

between shore and sea

The love ballad

between flower and bee

EarthSong is the melody of mountains

that rise and fall

It’s us harmonizing

for the highest good of all



This is a temple of the earth and our medicine is Her song.

Let’s dance with nature’s rhythms, harmonize ourselves again.

We are part of a worldwide movement that honours the feminine, the earth, and the sacredness of life. We are remembering how we can attune to Mother Earth and celebrate Her cycles.

We praise the return of the Goddess through our voices and bodies, through our thoughts, actions, and daily habits. And most of all, through community, ceremony and song!


We know we are here to awaken to our inner divinity and unique spiritual path as brothers and sisters, parents and elders, oracles and healers, business owners and teachers, visionaries and change-makers.

We are here to sing a new song that reverberates from the earth.

Together, we are remembering how to listen to the earth and the messages She has to share with us. 

You’re in the right place if you:

🌎 Are seeking to explore earth-based spirituality and celebrate the Wheel of the Year sabbats in ceremony, honouring the earth and the cycles of life

🌍 Want to be in a spiritual community that honours the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and noble masculine

🌏 Are remembering how you can attune to Gaia and Her rhythms (& maybe also how to raise Pagan kids!)

🌍 Desire to energetically align and fully embody your MAGIC!

This is EarthSong Temple.

Become part of this community by:

  • Attending a Wheel of the Year ceremony—which are free, online, and held 8 times a year
  • Joining a Singing Circle
  • Taking a self-study video course
  • Signing up for a free gift!

Wheel of the Year Ceremonies

Celebrate the Celtic Sabbats
8 Times a Year

Singing Circles

Devotional Chants & Sound Healing


The 8 Phase Lunar-Solar Creation Cycle

Which of the 7 Sacred Feminine Archetypes are you?

4 Rituals for each Lunar Phase

Self-Study Courses & Meditations:

Archetypal Awakening Bundle

Meditations & Journal Guide


How EarthSong Temple was born

EarthSong was conceived in a very clear transmission from Goddess. She gave me the name and sacred symbol for the temple that day, and 8 months later EarthSong was born on 8:8:21.

The Celtic tree of life energetically anchors this space.

You are invited to feel into its archetypal medicine and magic.

See how the branches and roots are equal in breadth; as above, so below. 

Feel the strength of the trunk that connects them.

The roots represent our relationship to the earth, our ancestors, and our past.

The trunk is the here and now, and our co-creative interactions with archetypes and elementals.

The branches symbolize our connection to the cosmos, angelic realms, and our future.

Through this ancient symbol, we are grounded and guided.

EarthSong Temple empowers you to express your magic and harmonize with nature's sacred rhythms.

Thank you for being here!