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May 18, 2022

Eyes sharp and Body strong,
I move through my home of
Deep and Ancient Forests.
Some call me Diana, others call me Artemis.
I am the Lady of Communion.
Guardian of Life, Daughter of Gaia,
I am born of the Sacred Marriage of green & gold, earth & sun.
As I Intend, I Empower, my Arrows rising high
sending prayers that all Hearts will remember to beat as one.

This was the poetic transmission that came through me as a clarion call to the women aligned with my Awaken the Goddess Within retreat. 

Little did I know when I put down the deposit at Epona Rise Ranch in October 2019 for a May 2020 retreat, that my commitment to seeing this happen would be so tested!

Pandemic mandates. Wildfires and evacuation alerts. Waiting. Waiting, until we could gather. 

When we finally did, it was oh so magical and worth the wait!

For 3 days, we spent time each morning communing with nature and the Epona Rise horse herd, and co-creating deep temple ceremonies in the afternoon. 

Meeting during an eclipse portal AND under a Beltane Full Moon was supportive for the potent clearing and realignment we were all there for!

It’s truly an honour to be present with women in ceremonial work. To witness their healing, growth and empowerment. To be IN the work WITH them.

In temple we meet our divinity and embrace our humanity. 

We surrender to the moment.

Slow down enough to allow our intuition to be heard.

Let go of control so our soul’s unique divine plan can flow through.

Being on the land, revealing our hearts in sisterhood….

we are changed in such beautiful ways.

Teresa had this to say:

This retreat has been one of the most powerful and transformative experiences of my life and I have done a lot of personal growth, therapy and spiritual retreats for many years. The magic of the sacred circle and sisterhood was palpable. It was certainly a combination of factors from the specific women in attendance, the energy of the full moon eclipse, goddess spirit and the Epona Rise herd but Flora’s facilitation created and held the space for the magic to happen. It was truly an awakening of the goddess within. I will forever be grateful for the healing that occurred in my heart and soul this weekend.”

Right now I have no concrete plans to lead another retreat. Yet I know the inspiration and divine timing will come. Perhaps I’ll meet you there, to awaken the goddess within? 

Blessed be.

    • Hello Tanis, thank you for your interest! If it’s the horses and Epona Rise experience you want, check their website for the 2023 retreats being offered. At this point, I’m not planning any “public” retreats next year– only within my She Spirals mystery school program.

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