Heroine’s Journey

Activate Your Sacred Transformation

Ceremonial gathering & Interview series

Hosted by Flora Ware & EarthSong Temple

Sat Nov 12 - EMBRACE

Reclaiming Your Path to Power

Interview with Nicole Pemberton

Nicole Pemberton is a Womb Priestess, Alchemical Movement/Ritual facilitator, mentor, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, educator and Sacred Activist. Nicole holds a BA degree in dance, choreography, and performance. Her lineage comes from the islands of Antigua/Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, and the countries of England and Canada.

For over 25 years, Nicole has dedicated her life to the arts, wellness, and empowerment. Nicole has studied in Health and embodiment coaching, Womb Wellness, Spirituality, Divine feminine and Goddess arts, Intuitive channeling, somatic movement, energy modalities (Reiki, Crystal therapy). She has performed nationally in Canada and Internationally in places such as New York and Trinidad and Tobago; continues to hold space and has currently facilitated movement experiences with over 100,000 + humans.

Through her own journey with the removal of 10 massive fibroids; she began a path of developing practices and systems that support womxn in finding liberation through their wombs. Nicole stands for the disruption of the systems that try to disempower the connection to the most intimate part of our bodies that has been built on the foundation of racism and trauma! Through this deep initiation Nicole has birthed The Goddess Moves, a sacred space for womxn and womb carriers who say YES to Embodied Multifaceted Self Mastery.

This is a revolution that brings transformation from the womb to owning one's rooted power, clarity in the voice, juicy pleasure, and magnetic embodiment. Devoted to ushering in a new Liberation!

Goddess MovesGo here to receive Nicole’s 3 Womb meditations plus a Movement playlist.

From Numb to Ecstatic: Healing Through Pleasure

Interview with Leigh Senna

Hi, I’m Leigh Senna!

I’m a Teacher, Coach, and founder of SOURCED: a non-exploitative & Pleasure producing approach to reviving a life affirming relationship with your pussy.

I work with brave women ready for power and pleasure.

Join me on my email list at www.leighsenna.com and follow me on IG at @leighsenna

Sending you & your pussy big hugs.

FREE GIFT: If you’re interested to deepen into a pussy embodiment practice, register below to receive a free 60 minute guided self pleasuring session!

In this practice I am DJing music to create a space where you can drop into your body, and connect to your pussy in ways that are resourcing, revitalizing, & reverent. 

How to Meet Illness & Grief As Initiation

Interview with Julien DuBrow

Julien DuBrow has an M.A. degree with an emphasis in mythology and theology. She is an interfaith minister, and grief educator, who uses sacred fiction and poetry to support and inspire people in their healing. In her fiction series, the Priestess Chronicles, Julien takes the reader into the life of a traditional healer who faces life's challenges and initiations with true heart, dignity, and grace. 

As a writer, Julien has attended the prestigious Squaw Valley Writers community and studied creative writing with Terri Brown-Davidson and poetry with Lucille Clifton and Sharon Olds. She is also a published poet and founder of the Sacred Poetry Project.

With a strong, loving presence, Julien inspires people to take charge of their health, and meet whatever is arising in life--both the shadow and the light--with courage and kindness. You can learn more about her work and creative offerings, or follow her blog at: JulienDuBrow.com.

Julien offers a free Substack subscription to her blog and podcast Sacred Healing.

PLUS: Prayer to Persephone


She Spirals ~ A Divine Feminine Mystery School
Year-Long, 13 Moon Journey begins January 2023

She Spirals provides much needed sacred ceremony, ancient wisdom, and sisterhood for our personal and planetary evolution.

Throughout the year, you’ll journey with 13 archetypal faces of the Goddess so that you can deepen your relationship to the Divine and to your Sacred Self.

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