Heroine’s Journey

Activate Your Sacred Transformation

Ceremonial gathering & Interview series

Hosted by Flora Ware & EarthSong Temple

Sun Nov 13 - EMPOWER

The Art of Devotional Leadership

Interview with Nisha Moodley

Nisha has been a coach for 15 years, leading mastermind groups, online courses, and over 50 retreats. She was first trained to work with subtle energy nearly 30 years ago, and has since received in-depth Health Coach & Executive Coach trainings, become a Family Constellation facilitator, and deepened her practice through breathwork training, ancestral healing, and archetypal studies. All of these teachings and modalities (and others) are integrated for coaching that works not just on the level of mindset, but also through much deeper healing and integration.

Nisha is the mother of two small children, a newbie land steward, and is constantly seeking to understand the deeper systemic and historical implications of the individual and collective challenges we face today, weaving those considerations into the work as well.

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The Secret to Activating your Sacred Feminine Power

Interview with Dr Rima Bonario

Dr. Rima Bonario is a Dream Weaver, Soul-Coach and Wild-Heart Healer with 30 years on the path of conscious evolution. She is a respected thought leader, speaker and teacher for women seeking to stand in their personal power while remaining open hearted and connected. She is passionate about helping women experience personal wholeness, relationship harmony, and material abundance in their lives.

Rima specializes in the arena of personal sovereignty and the challenge many women face in maintaining a healthy balance between caring for others and caring for themselves. Rima’s best-selling book, “The Seven Queendoms: A Soul-Map for Embodying Sacred Feminine Sovereignty” explains how women can use the energy, majesty, and noble nature of the Queen archetype to consciously create a life they love.

Her coaching, workshops, online courses, sacred travel journeys use the transcendent power of myth and archetype, ritual and ceremony, and Soul/shadow work to help her students cut through energetic clutter, dissolve emotional baggage, and form wildly fulfilling habits of attention.

Rima is the founder of Bloom Fine Egyptian Oils and the Sisterhood of Anointing Priestesses, where she teaches the lost Temple Art of Anointing to reclaim feminine power. She is also the co-founder of The Art of Quantum Living LLC, which trains and certifies people in the 21-day shadow work practice called The Quantum Living Process.

Rima holds doctorate in Transformational Psychology and has studied with master teachers in body-based energy work, Trauma First Aide and other body-based trauma informed practices, the Tantric Art of Sacred Sexuality, and the Temple Art of Anointing.


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Following the Goddess Home to Your Heart

Interview with Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

Abigail is a Feminine Leadership Mentor, Goddess Activator, Multidimensional Healer, and Intuitive. She is the host of the Sovereign Divinity podcast, and founder of Moon Goddess Publishing.

She works with women creating conscious heart-centered impact and supporting them with spiritual tools to align, protect and amplify their light, purpose, and legacy in the world. Abigail lives with her family in Colorado, USA.


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She Spirals ~ A Divine Feminine Mystery School
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She Spirals provides much needed sacred ceremony, ancient wisdom, and sisterhood for our personal and planetary evolution.

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