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October 1, 2021

Your altar is a sacred, living entity.

To create an altar is to create a space for your deepening relationship with your Higher Self, spirit guides, ancestors, and chosen Ascended Master teachers. It is therefore a sacred place that needs energy and nourishment to remain vital, potent and magnetic!

Many people have altars in their homes nowadays where they display their special, spiritual items. It could be the top of a book case or dresser, a windowsill, or a shelf.

Far less people actually practice altar work — using that spot for prayer, spell casting, meditation, healing, etc. When it comes to your altar, if you “set it and forget it” you miss out on receiving the benefits.

An altar is NOT a “display case” for objects. It is a physical interface to communicate with spirit.


Some people like to re-fresh their altar with every new moon. Others do it quarterly, with the seasons. You decide for yourself how and when you want to create your altars. 

First, you need to choose your spot. Then, you'll want to clean it. This typically involves clearing the space, wiping clean (dry or with Rose or Florida water), or using sacred smoke or scent.

Next, you'll gather the items you wish to include in your altar creation. They may need cleaning as well. Dust or wipe your sacred objects, crystals, candle holders, etc. 

Now is the fun part: the intentional design of your altar.

I love bringing in natural items from outside to symbolize the seasons, or arranging crystal grid patterns, or displaying photos/ Goddess art/ oracle cards that represent energies I’m working with, or writing intentions for focused manifestation.

Here is a general guideline. You’ll need:

  • A centerpiece feature, such as a large pillar candle or cluster of tea lights, large crystal, a Goddess statuette, a chalice of wine or water, a potted plant or vase of flowers, etc.
  • Smaller objects placed around it, such as crystals, flower petals, feathers, pinecones, fruit and vegetables, sacred objects (wand, instruments, etc.), framed art or photos, etc.

Depending on your intention for the altar, you may also want to:

  • Consider the 4 directions (or "quarters") and their corresponding elements (North-Earth, East-Air, South-Fire, West-Water)
  • Explore correspondences with shapes, the elements, crystal grids, etc., that will enhance your intention
  • Invoke a specific deity, angel, ancestor or spirit guide you desire to strengthen your connection with

Don’t over-think it or hold yourself back because you don’t have the “right” things or place. I know women who keep their altar in a shoe-box under their bed and bring it out for daily prayer and magical work!

Ideally, your altar is in a visible place in a well-frequented area of your home. But we all know how easy it is to “stop seeing” things that we see every day! So you must make it a sacred practice to spend time there each day and give your altar some energy.

Here are 7 suggestions for you to feed your altar with daily:

  • Prayers
  • Reiki
  • Sound (your voice, instruments, recorded music)
  • Physical offerings like flowers, fresh water, herbs, sugar, salt (little bowls can help this be not so messy)
  • Scent offerings like burning sage or incense, diffusing essential oils
  • Lighting candles
  • Handwritten notes

Your altar is an anchor for your magical work. Keep it energized.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Remember, items become “sacred” by the meaning we attach to them, and it’s our intention with the creation of an altar that has the most meaning of all.

Do you have an altar? If so, do you feed it daily? If any of these suggestions have inspired you today — share in the comments below!

  • Yes to feeding my altar daily! Candles, offerings like honey and gems, scents depending on the type of practice I’m doing (orange for awakening, lavender for calming etc). Sometimes I’ll dance to infuse it with energy. Goddess Freya is always the center for me :). Would love to learn reiki and incorporate that one day.

  • I have little altars everywhere. Thanks for the reminder to feed it daily–I don’t tend to do that. I set it up and then expect it to work for me–lol! Meaning, enjoying the beauty and soul that emanates from the energy I’ve conjured with items I’ve chosen. But thinking deeper, I do feed it with energy clearing, prayers smudge, sacred oils, etc. Reiki and conscious prayers will be added now, what a great idea! Thanks, Flora, always delighted by your pixie magic. <3

  • I have an alter, as well. It’s sort of an eclectic one. Some pictures of Grandparents who are no longer with me. (Ancestors) Some card pictures of the Seasons, Spring and Fall, my two favorites. An actual art creation, of an “Autumn Fairy” with a “crown head” made from a dried seed pod. She is encircled in thin branches, like a wreath. On either side of her, are Autumn leaves, in shades of red, yellow and orange. Her body is made from pulled wool, with yellow “Fairy wings”, a red, long flowing dress and orange arms. She is the “Autumn Acorn Fairy” for she holds an Acorn in her arms. Behind her is a seashell, representing she is a Fairy of land and water. She is held up, by a small piece of driftwood. It is one of my favorite creations. I have also other objects, such as a square clay piece, I made, with a peace Dove soaring up into the air, with a yellow sun made of yellow glass. The sun is painted gold, underneath it’s glass orb. Around the square frame, is painted in gold paint. The dove has a glass eye as well. In the bottom right corner of the clay piece, are the words indented, etched in gold, “peace.” I also have some other objects that are special to me. I have also made a “vision board” collage, that has two sides. One with near future “intentions” of family harmony and a love relationship. And the other side, for “mindful intentions” of positive thoughts and statements. I look at it, every day and “daily” set my intentions, for all good, positive things to come! Thank you, Flora, for letting me share my alter with you. Many blessings! Shelley. 🙏

  • I LOVE the reminder to feed your altar daily, I have just set up an altar in my bedroom across from the foot of my bed.
    I have created a daily ritual of lighting candles in Honor of the Goddess, the God, and ALL that is created in their sacred union {YES! in a triangle} along with ceremonially filling the bedside diffuser and honoring the elements.
    I have noticed that this daily interaction is keeping the energy in my sleeping space renewed, energetically cleaner, and a place I long to be at the end of the day.
    This altar is the one in my home that reminds me daily of my deep devotion to Gaia and my growing love and devotion to myself during this time.
    Blessed Be!!!

  • Congratulations Flora on your beautiful new website! Thank you so much for this reminder to energize our altars. I have definitely given my most recent altar more attention than others in the past. I like the idea of feeding it. My altar offers me so much and I like that concept of reciprocity.

  • “An altar is NOT a “display case” for objects. It is a physical interface to communicate with spirit.” I needed to be reminded of this, sister! Years ago I started an altar practice, and the guidance and support that I felt visiting it every single day was absolutely essential to the growth and expansion I experienced in that time!
    Since then, though, I’ve left my altar alone, aside from the occasional renewal and changes. Using my altar as a space for communication with Divine slowly fell away from my daily practice. Recently I have resumed sitting in front of it to meditate and drum, but this blog has inspired me even MORE to remember the beauty of such communion, how to feed it, and to turn to it daily as a means of supporting my intentions and continued growth. As always, Flora, right on time! Thank you, thank you thank you!

  • thank you so much Flora for all these suggestions. I have an altar and always worried I wasn’t doing it right. Reading this article has made me feel much better and given me a deeper appreciation of their power.

  • aha perfect blog post for me atm i’ve been procrastinating on cleaning and re-calibrating my altar. She’s speaking to me and I haven’t been listening. Thanks for the tips and flame lit under my ass! Your new website is stunning. <3

  • Thank you for mentioning cleaning the space before setting up the altar. This is new information for me. Makes so much intuitive sense. Thank you.

  • Have been wanting to redo my altar, it will happen soon. My altar feels like an extension of me, just another part to take care of and keep vital. Love that you describe it like that too. So important to nourish that which nourishes us ♥️

  • Your new website is beautiful! I have been following you for a few years and am so happy to see your growth! Happy Valentines day!

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