Intuitively design your map for 2022 in

Plan Your Magical Year

Dreamcrafting workshop with Leadership Mentor & 

cyclic living teacher, Flora Ware

Crafting and then manifesting a vision isn’t about sticking to the plans or filling up your calendar.


It’s about who are you being called to BECOME!

Knowing how you want to feel and be, is the first step to intuitive planning for your life, business, and dreams.

Only then can you design a map of your year with goals and dates that are in full alignment with your truth and creative power.

In the Plan Your Magical Year workshop, you will:

  • be led in guided meditation and energy work to connect with your deep inner knowing
  • map out your plans and goals for the year with your mind, heart and intuitive working together
  • have opportunities to ask questions about where you're unclear and receive personalized feedback
  • take a big picture approach being mindful of different cycles and energetic factors

These are the same practices that I have used, and continue to use, to:

  • lead a successful, service-based sacred business from my intuition and my logic
  • choose dates for all my program launches, events, and offers (and help my clients, too)
  • stay focused on my vision and goals all year long, adapting as needed
  • keep me aware of personal, lunar, and solar cycles so I'm not fighting against the flow

This live, virtual workshop will be 2 hours long, co-working style, where you'll have the time, space and support to intuitively map out your magical year.

"The class was very helpful for focusing on goals, totally worthwhile, and inspirational guidance. Flora shared some really great techniques on planning empathically and with the rhythms of the year, which I have used throughout and I am exactly where I need to be. Thank you Flora!"

- Naomi Cornock, Pagan Sacred Artist

Friday December 3

1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern/ 9pm GMT
(Sat Dec 4 at 8am AEST)


"The Plan Your Magical Year workshop made it really easy for me to create my biz programs for the entire year. There was no more scrambling, panic, or uncertainty. That's why I've done this workshop 3 years in a row! Flora is a Goddessend to work with."

- Suzie Zurn, Magickal Life Coach , Empowerment Leader & Master Tarot Counselor

This workshop is interactive and you will be guided and given time to write and plan during the 2 hours.

You'll definitely want to show up live if you can so you’ll get the most out of the exercises, group vibe, plus the energy clearing and amplifying we are going to do!

If you cannot attend at this workshop time, YES there will be a replay and YES you can still benefit from it... but only if you make the time and space to actually watch and do it!

The workshop date is intentionally aligned with the Sagittarius New Moon, making it a perfect time to let your intuition and passion lead the way into expanding your horizons.

I'LL BE HONEST: after all the uncertainty and chaos of the past two years, I wasn't sure I was even going to offer this again. (I've been hosting it since 2017)

I thought, are people going to laugh at the idea of PLANNING now?

Then, I remembered all the women over the years who have thanked me, repeatedly, for this workshop and recounted how they had accomplished everything (or almost everything) in their magical year plan. Amazing!

I believe the world needs more and more women who are aligned and activated in their Creatrix energy. 

Get ready to dreamcraft YOUR magical year!

Friday December 3

1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern/ 9pm GMT
(Sat Dec 4 at 8am AEST)


Your Workshop Facilitator

Flora Ware is a dream igniter, paradigm shifter, and Goddess guide.. As a Leadership Mentor and Ceremonial Priestess, she helps women remember their wisdom, hear their soul's voice, and awaken the Goddess within.

Flora was first introduced to the practice of dreamcrafting in 1998. She has continued to use this work in her life and business, and learned to integrate other effective tools to anchor in desired change. She loves helping others set goals and craft intuitive plans in an aligned way so they feel clear and motivated.

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with her soul sisters, Flora loves hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto! She lives in Vernon, BC, Canada with her wife and son.