Roots & Bones

Ancestral Healing Online Retreat

Sunday October 23, 2022

Hosted by Flora Ware & EarthSong Temple

Trees are bare
Smoky air
The final harvest is in
Smoky days
Life decays
The veil is thin at Samhain
Honouring our ancestors
We are never alone
Light the candles
Guiding spirits home

On Sunday October 23, the Sun moves into Scorpio– the sign associated with Death, Transformation, and Rebirth.


It is a potent time to gather in ceremony, amplify our magic, and communicate with our ancestors and guides.

You are invited to this one-day online retreat of ritual ceremony, guided meditation, song spells, and wisdom sharing.

Do you want to feel more connected to your ancestral roots, but unsure how to start?

Or perhaps you wish to feel free from your family ties, and any karmic debt?

What if you could heal the past and change the future, right now in the present?

What if you could sing to the bones of your ancestors and retrieve lost stories and gifts?

You can.

Through intentional visualization, your willingness alone allows for a spiritual relationship to form. And with time,
 patience, and care, it can lead to a deep healing of your motherlines and fatherlines.

This results in profound shifts in your heart field, which then harmonizes your relationships, creativity, and soul.

In the northern hemisphere, the Wheel of the Year turns towards Samhain (pronounced saw-win), more commonly known as Hallowe'en.

This time of year is ideal for:

  • ancestral healing,
  • spirit communication,
  • divination,
  • and honouring our deceased family members through altar work and meditation.

Ancestral guidance is deeply needed in this critical crossroads of history. Our future hangs in the balance, our severed sense of home and belonging needs healing.

When we can courageously move through our fear of death, we remember how to weave the wisdom of our lineages into the present, and nurture the seeds of tomorrow.

At Roots & Bones, you will learn practices, receive spiritual guidance and experience ritual ceremony to:

  • Receive inspiration and learn how to build an ancestors altar, in time for Samhain October 31
  • Feel more connected to your family ancestry— and confident about any ways you are breaking chains and redefining family for yourself and your descendants
  • Explore singing and guided meditation as pathways to ancestral healing… and future timeline weaving
  • Participate in deep alchemical healing, guided by Goddess Cerridwen and Her Cauldron of Transformation
  • Prepare for the sabbat of Samhain in a grounded, embodied way that feels fun and authentic to you

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Roots & Bones 

Sun Oct 23, 2022

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You are welcome to attend just the morning or just the afternoon if you cannot attend the whole retreat live.

“The past and the future are constantly being reshaped in the present.”
~ Sarah Drew, author of Gaia Codex

Cerridwen by Annie McAulay

Retreat Itinerary

Sunday October 23, 2022

WE begin at 10am Pacific
(1pm Eastern/ 6pm GMT)

Ancestor Altars for Samhain

We will begin the day with an opening ceremony. You'll be guided through a grounding exercise, powerful lineage invocation and prayer to create sacred space. 

Then we will transition into the morning workshop on ancestor altars.

You do not need to know your ancestors by name or take a DNA test to form a spiritual relationship. That only influences the details of our personal narrative, which can bind us to those stories. The goal here is to be conscious of our power to know the past, AND choose a new narrative.

The morning discussion will cover the history of ancestor veneration, how to do it without cultural appropriation, and special considerations for getting started or deepening your practice

Tangible steps will be given so that you will leave feeling confident to build a Samhain ancestors altar— if that's what you choose to do

2 hour session. There will be lots of time for Q&A and group wisdom sharing. Let’s inspire one another!

12pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern/ 8pm GMT


The morning session will wrap up around 12pm Pacific, and then we will take a 30 minute break for you to stretch, eat, and take care of your body.

12:30 Pacific/ 3:30 Eastern/ 8:30pm GMT

Ancestral Healing Song Ceremony

The afternoon session is our deepening ceremony, to receive ancestral healing through ritual, guided meditation and sacred singing.

Celtic Goddess Cerridwen is holding this space, stirring Her Cauldron of Transformation. She will be our Wise Woman guide through the weave, into the place betwixt and between

With ritual and meditation, we will open a portal of lineage connection. You'll be guided through a highly intuitive experience and deep guided journey

Through sacred song, our vibrations will sing the bones of our ancestors; sound healing the timelines. You’ll be invited to sing along in your own space. 

The more you engage and are fully present, the more you’ll get out of this online retreat!

But to be clear— you are more than welcome to be present, even if you need to be quiet. You can simply receive the ceremony and it will be a beautiful experience. 2 hour session.

After the retreat, you will be invited to reconvene one week later and attend the Samhain Honouring Our Ancestors ceremony on Monday October 31. 

This will allow us to reflect on the insights and integrations since the retreat, and to commemorate together in sacred community.

All participants in Roots & Bones will be auto-magically registered, so the link to attend and the follow up replay will be sent to your email.

You should know:
You don’t need to proclaim yourself a witch, wiccan, or pagan to be welcome at Roots & Bones.

You don't need to know anything about your heritage or family lineages to participate.

You simply need to be curious about ancestral healing and willing to explore ceremony, meditation, altars and sacred singing as modalities.

By registering for Roots & Bones, you will receive:
(Value: over $100)

  • 1 Workshop session (2 hrs) focused on ancestor veneration, altars, and preparing for the Celtic Sabbat of Samhain (Hallowe'en)
  • 1 Song Ceremony (2 hrs) focused on ritual, sacred sound, and guided meditation for ancestral connection and healing
  • A Welcome Guide (PDF) filled with inspiration and tips to get ready for the online retreat experience
  • Replays of the retreat that you have unlimited access to
  • Invitation to EarthSong Temple's annual Samhain ceremony on October 31st

About your host, Flora Ware

Flora Ware is a paradigm shifter, goddess guide, and founder of EarthSong Temple. She serves a global community of women through her online business as a Ceremonial Priestess, Cyclic Living Teacher and Sacred Musician.

Flora specializes in archetypal spirituality and embodiment, helping women hear their soul's voice, awaken the Goddess within, and align their life and work with their unique feminine power. Flora is deeply connected to her Celtic ancestral roots, having been on the path as a practicing witch since her first full moon women's circle in 1993. She lives in BC, Canada with her wife and young wizard-in-training.

Trigger Warning & Legal Disclaimer: 

Ancestral lineage healing is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical care. The guided meditation, ritual, or sound healing may trigger past trauma or cause an intense emotional reaction.

As a Ceremonial Priestess, Flora is not providing therapy to diagnose, treat, prevent nor cure any physical, mental or emotional issue, disease or condition. Roots & Bones is not intended to replace a relationship with a counsellor or mental health provider. 

By registering for Roots & Bones, you acknowledge that you are participating voluntarily and will assume all risks. You agree to not hold Flora Ware or EarthSong Temple liable for any harm. 

You agree to be responsible for yourself, your actions, and your health. This might mean you arrange to not be alone in your house, or plan to have someone check in with you after the retreat. This might mean making sure you eat well, stay hydrated, and get a good sleep the night before. Taking this personal responsibility allows for the retreat "container" to be powerful and transformative. Thank you.

Roots & Bones 

Sun Oct 23, 2022