Singing CircleS 
with florA

Spring Full Moon Series

Live, virtual song ceremonies to raise our voices in devotion & harmony

Hosted by Flora Ware and EarthSong Temple

3 Fridays, April - June, 2023 

at 12pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern

on zoom


Free your voice and explore singing in a safe and sacred space?


Discover the power of chant as a spiritual practice?

Celebrate the Goddess through song with other women?

Then come to the next Singing Circle!

Singing provides many health benefits for your body, mind and soul, such as:

soothing the nervous system (reducing stress and anxiety),

elevating our happy hormone levels and improving mood,

being an outlet for creativity and inspiration.

And when we sing together in community,

we are participating in an ancient ritual act

that rekindles our spiritual connection to music and rhythm.

"There are no words to express the deep gratitude and joy I feel for you and the singing circle. Being there felt like coming home. I'm so proud of myself that I was able to overcome the absolute terror of unmuting and find my voice! The next one cannot come soon enough."

~ Sue N., UK

3 Fridays in April - June, 2023. 12pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern
Close to the Full Moons:

  • Friday April 7, Libra Full Moon :: Air
  • Friday May 5, Scorpio Full Moon :: Water
  • Friday June 2, Sagittarius Full Moon :: Fire

During these 90 minute singing circles we will:

  • Create a safe and sacred space for vocalization and discover deeper enjoyment of singing
  • Turn your prayers into melodies, and the melodies into "song spells" in musical ritual
  • Explore intuitive vocal expression, devotional chanting, and harmonizing
  • Celebrate the divine feminine through sisterhood and song

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"Words nor tears can express what I am feeling. As I sang I remembered being shut down as a child in the car by my mom telling me I can't sing. Shut down for so long... now 50 years later, I sang!! I sang and I can sing!!! I am so happy for Great Mystery for leading me to you, Flora. Thank you."

~ Elizabeth, USA

A few more things you should know:

  • No previous musical training required! This isn't about how "well" you sing, but being willing to sing.
  • You don't need to learn songs or practice beforehand. Lyrics will be provided or taught as needed.
  • Your enjoyment of the singing circles (and the benefits you receive) will be greater if you attend live and participate fully.
  • However, they will all be recorded and you will receive the replays by email.
  • You will be nourished by the magic of song weaving and harmonizing with other women!

About your song leader, Flora Ware:

Flora believes that our voices are magical instruments for healing and manifestation.

She started singing before she was 1 years old. Flora taught herself how to play piano before starting classical lessons as a teen, and completed a Music Diploma in Jazz & Contemporary Voice. She also studied Sound Healing, focusing on the voice.

After a decade-long professional singing career, she chose to “retire” and become a mom. But music wouldn’t let her go that easily.  In 2020, she released an album of pagan chants, Songs for the Wheel of the Year. It went on to win the WITCHIE award for Best Pagan Album of the Year! 

She founded EarthSong Temple in 2021. This is a temple of the earth and our medicine is Her song. EarthSong Temple empowers women to express their magic and harmonize with sacred rhythms.

Flora is a Ceremonial Priestess, Cyclic Living Teacher and Vocal Coach. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs become confident speakers so they can easily attract clients and share their magic with the world. She lives in Vernon, BC, Canada with her wife and young wizard-in-training.

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