Vocal Awakening

Online Workshop series with flora ware

to UNBLOCK, Heal, and Empower your voice!

Friday June 14 & Satuday June 15, 2024

Embark on a soulful exploration with VOCAL AWAKENING: a series of three workshops designed to unblock, heal, and empower your voice. 

These educational and experiential sessions are designed for anyone who:
 desires to find their authentic voice and sing confidently, 
wants to start writing chants or improve their songcrafting skills, 
or is ready to embrace the leadership journey of becoming a Song Priestess.

Attend one, two, or all three!

10am PST

Awaken your healing voice

12pm PST

AWAKEN YOUR song priestess

10am PST

AWAKEN YOUR songcraft

The 3 live, online events are being offered on a SLIDING SCALE, with a minimum contribution of $11.


After millennia of silencing, women today are reclaiming their right to be heard and finding the courage to speak truth to power.


We know that the time is now to use our voices for healing, connection, and to spark change.

BUT FIRST we need to clear the blocks, heal the wounds, and face the fears we have around our voices! 

In the 'Vocal Awakening' series, you will:

Be in a Safe Space: 
Flora provides a secure and supportive environment for you to explore and express your voice without judgment, and the online format allows you to be in the comfort of your home and to stay muted, if you wish.

Learn Anatomy of the Voice: 
Gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of your voice, allowing you to unlock its full potential.

Experience Vocal Sound Healing: 
Receive the profound therapeutic effects of your own vocal vibrations, promoting emotional release and healing, plus how you can incorporate this modality into your personal practices or work with clients.

Discover Intuitive Singing:
Learn the art of singing from your intuition, connecting with your inner Muse and expressing your unique voice confidently.

Explore Song Spells & Song Crafting:
Bring sound and song into your personal rituals and activate your voice as the magical tool it is. Learn how to "catch" a song and craft it into a chant, or turn affirmations into manifestation mantras.

Build Confidence in your Leadership:
Acquire tangible tips and techniques to become a more confident song Priestess, grow your business through speaking opportunities, and ways you can bring sacred sound into your ceremonial events.

"I love the spaciousness and clarity the Vocal Awakening workshops created for me. Your teachings are inspiring, your process creative and beautiful, and your prices accessible. I learned so much. Thank you!"

~ Veronica S.


Awaken your healing voice

Friday June 14 ~ 10am PST

This is an introductory talk to vocal sound healing plus an experiential activation. You'll receive a sound bath and be encouraged and guided to explore your vocal resonance. We'll delve into the anatomy of the voice, understanding its intricacies and unique capabilities. 1 hour.

AWAKEN YOUR song priestess

Friday June 14 ~ 12pm PST

In the second workshop, Flora will be sharing some of the history of the Song Priestess role, and how you can perform this sacred function today. During this talk you'll learn ways to grow your business through speaking opportunities, discuss some basics in tech set up and improving audio quality, and how you can bring sacred sound into your client work and group events. 1 hour.

AWAKEN YOUR songcraft

Saturday June 15 ~ 10am PST

In the final workshop of this series, we will blend music and magic! Discover the art of intuitive singing, a practice that connects your voice with your innermost emotions and desires. Learn how to craft songs that are easy for other people to sing. There will be ample time for sharing, and possibly "workshopping" your songcraft. 2 hours.

** All events will take place on Zoom.

Replays will be available to all registered.**

Ways to Continue…

During these workshops you'll learn about your options if you are called to continue working with Flora to receive 1:1 vocal coaching or train as a Song Priestess.

About your host, Flora Ware

Flora Ware is a Song Priestess and founder of EarthSong Temple where she serves a global community through ceremony, singing circles, and earth magic. As a Vocal Coach, she helps people heal their throat chakras and liberate their voices, and mentors ceremonial leaders to confidently use chants, mantras and music to elevate their events.

Flora has had a lifelong love affair with the voice, resulting in a lifelong dedication to honing her own. She has a career background in professional music and theater, marketing and business. Flora believes that our voices are magical instruments for healing and manifestation, and loves nothing more than helping people express their medicine and magic.

In addition to music, moon rituals and deep conversations with her soul sisters, Flora loves hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto! She lives with her family in Vernon, BC, Canada.

Vocal Awakening