Walking the Wheel

Self-Study Cyclic Living course filled with Celtic Wisdom and Inspiration

Created by Flora Ware and EarthSong Temple

Our ancestors relied on their innate relationship to the land, weather and seasons;
The cyclic rhythms of nature that underscored their lives.

Then we began to deny and forget the ancient ways.
We lost our sense of belonging and connection.

Now millions of us are remembering.
We are reconnecting to the earth and to each other.
We are reclaiming what was lost and forgotten.

And you, sister, are part of this remembrance and reconnection.
We are walking the wheel together.

Are you craving a deeper connection with nature? 

Do you love guided meditations and ritual suggestions to enrich your magical life?

Have you been celebrating the wheel of the year festivals for a while, and now desire more embodiment of cyclic living?

Would you like to learn more about the rich Celtic history and mythology connected with this earth-based spiritual practice?

Then you’ll love Walking the Wheel!

Walking the Wheel includes: 
inspiration guides,
and embodiment and ritual suggestions
filled with Celtic wisdom and cyclic living practices.

You’ll learn about the:

  • 8 holy-days of the Celtic Wheel of the Year; the 4 fire festivals and the 4 astronomical events
  • historical and cultural significance of these dates, and their evolution over time
  • importance of this solar calendar for our modern-day world and why it's more relevant than ever
  • Celtic Goddesses associated with these high holy-days, along with their myths, legends and ritual practices
  • Health tips for each season so you are holistically aligned
  • ways you can adapt this wisdom to suit where you live, and how you can continue to deepen your embodiment of walking the wheel as a spiritual practice

You have options to begin
Walking the Wheel:

Pay in Full: $188 USD
Or 8 month payment plan: $24 USD

Nature is our guide

Each season there will be a variety of audios, videos, and PDF guides to inform and inspire you. You'll deepen your connection with the 4 seasons, and learn to love 4 more!

Every season you'll receive:

  • 2 Holy-Day Ceremonies, live & online
  • 2 Holy-Day Inspiration Guides
  • 2 Goddess Altar cards
  • 1 Seasonal Cyclic Living video
  • 1 Seasonal Cyclic Living Guide
  • 1 Elemental Invocation meditation

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Yes, you can join at any time! 

Once you do, you'll have immediate access to the available materials in the EarthSong Members area. You'll be notified by email when new materials are added.

You'll also be auto-magically registered to attend the Wheel of the Year holy-day ceremonies that we hold 8 times a year.

You have ongoing access to the Members area— long after your first year. Consider yourself part of the EarthSong Temple community!

Walking the Wheel has been designed specifically so that you can:

  • spend more time in nature, not in front of a screen
  • return to the materials for inspiration again and again
  • take this into your lives, families and communities in an actualized way
  • feel more connected to the Celtic Goddesses of the Wheel
  • understand the historical context and significance, while applying these earth-based spiritual practices in ways that are relevant and comfortable to you

All this provides you with many opportunities to focus on what I consider to be the “holy trinity” of Cyclic Living:




In total, Walking the Wheel includes:

  • 8 Wheel of the Year ceremonies, live and online (Value: $176)
  • 8 Holy-Day Inspiration Guides (Value: $80)
  • 4 Cyclic Living videos and guides (Value: $140)
  • 4 Elemental Invocation meditations (Value: $20)
  • Celtic Goddess altar cards and meditations (Value: $40)

That's over $400 worth of materials and events that you can enjoy for less than $200!

Start Walking the Wheel:

Pay in Full: $188 USD
Or 8 month payment plan: $24 USD

About Flora Ware

Flora Ware is a paradigm shifter, goddess guide, and founder of EarthSong Temple. She serves a global community of women as a Ceremonial Priestess, Pagan Songstress and Cyclic Living Teacher.

Flora attended her first women’s circle in 1993, and has been on a spiritual path of devotion to the Divine Feminine ever since. She is deeply connected to her Celtic ancestral roots, and honouring the rhythms of the sun and moon is a keystone in her earth-based spirituality.

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with her soul sisters, Flora loves hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto! She lives in Vernon, BC, Canada with her wife and young wizard-in-training.