Walking the Wheel

Inspiration, Ceremony & Embodiment to Support You in Celebrating the Celtic Wheel of the Year

Created by Flora Ware and EarthSong Temple

Our ancestors relied on their innate relationship to the land, weather and seasons.

This provided a cyclical rhythm that underscored every area of their lives: farming, family, and faith.

The Celts (and many others across the globe) knew the changes of the season, or “turning of the wheel,” represented the nature of birth, death, and rebirth. They developed a spiritual life rich in supernatural mythologies and a deep reverence for nature. Their agricultural calendar was based on this.

This is now known as the Celtic Wheel of the Year, which commemorates eight cyclical points with unique festivals, themes, goddesses, and symbology. 

we cannot thrive in separation from nature

With industrialization, we’ve become dangerously out of sync with natural rhythms and cycles.

This disconnection has wreaked havoc on our health, happiness, and sense of purpose.

Millions of us are remembering the wisdom ways of our ancestors and learning how to apply to our lives today.

This can be equally frustrating as it is exciting —especially when we don't know where to start, get caught up in worrying about doing it "right", or don't have a lot of time to read a long book or take a course.

Wouldn't it be great to have wheel of the year inspiration at your fingertips, created by a Celtic Witch, that you can access whenever you have time?

This is why I made the Walking the Wheel Bundles!

Embody the Celtic cycles of nature & reconnect with its ancient wisdom 

Do you have some Celtic ancestry— or a deep affinity for this lineage? You certainly don't need to be of Celtic heritage to appreciate these resources!
Do you already celebrate wheel of the year festivals, and want to discover more about the traditions, related Goddesses, and embody the practices not only on the holy-days?
Do you crave a deeper connection with nature...
...or want to develop your intuitive witchcraft through earth magic?
The Walking the Wheel Inspiration Bundles will not only satiate the student in you that wants to learn about the rich Celtic history and mystery.
You’ll also ground your sense of self through spiritual celebrations and practices from the Celtic traditions... which removes the likelihood of misappropriating from other cultures. 
You’ll be given practical steps to embody cyclic living— deeply connecting you to nature and your essential self.
The best part? You can begin at any time, AND you can start with just one Bundle, OR choose to dive into the whole year of Walking the Wheel.

Inside 'Walking the Wheel', you’ll enjoy:

  • Beautiful videos to help you embody earth-based spirituality
  • Powerful audio meditations that serve as an invocation to nature’s elements & the Celtic goddesses—listen to these outside, in nature
  • In-depth PDFs to inspire you to celebrate the Celtic festivals— filled with history, traditions, symbols, altar creation tips, and rituals
  • Earth magic and wisdom you can practice in your daily life
  • Altar cards to call-in the Celtic goddess of that season
  • Ritual guides to attune to a specific phase of the Lunar Solar Creation Cycle

Let's begin 
Walking the Wheel:

Purchase a single Bundle: $33 USD
Or purchase the Full Year (8 Bundles): $225 USD


Being connected to the cycles of nature—and embodying them—is fundamental to earth-based spiritual practices.
Living this way helps you unlearn your conformity to linear living and break free from expectations of ceaseless production and constantly maintaining high energy.
Instead, you shift into cyclic living, ebbing and flowing with how energy naturally waxes and wanes. 
This is what I call living in alignment with the Lunar Solar Creation Cycle, and it's the sacred rhythm at the root of everything inside Walking the Wheel.

"I had been curious about cyclic living and the Wheel of the year, but wasn’t sure how to begin. Walking the Wheel has been so helpful and expansive and supportive. My practice has been to tune into the energies of the goddesses (reading poem, printing card and placing on altar) and attending the ceremonies. I’m enjoying engaging with the elements of each season and deepening my knowledge of the wheel, and all the ways this shows up in daily life."

~ Susan Vichick-Johnson, USA

Walking the wheel has been designed specifically so that you can:

  • Spend more time in nature— not in front of a screen
  • Return to the materials for inspiration again and again
  • Transform your life with the rhythm of the Lunar Solar Creation Cycle
  • Take this wisdom into your lives, families and communities in an actualized way
  • Feel more connected to the Celtic Goddesses of the Wheel
  • Understand the historical context and significance, while applying these earth-based spiritual practices in ways that are relevant and comfortable to you




Receive powerful resources to support you in celebrating the wheel of the year


When you buy a single Bundle, you'll get:

($50 Value)

  • In-depth Inspiration guide (PDF) filled with the historical & cultural significance of the Celtic sabbat and traditions (and their evolution over time), mythic backstory and my musings on the related Goddess, plus a specially curated song playlist and Pinterest board
  • Goddess Altar card and invocation, plus downloadable image of the Goddess Wheel graphic
  • Guided meditation with the corresponding Goddess
  • Cyclic Living video to inspire you to embody the energy of each season 
  • Welcome video, Introduction Guide, and printable bullet journal pages so you are well supported to begin
  • Ritual Guide & Activation audio to attune you to a specific phase of the Lunar Solar Creation Cycle

When you join Walking the Wheel for the year, you’ll get:

($450 Value)

  • All 8 Bundles that include everything listed above (8x!), plus:
  • 4 powerful audio meditations that serve as invocations to the elements— take these on your nature walks to deepen your connection
  • 4 seasonal health guides with simple, actionable tips so you are holistically aligned with that phase of the year

BONUS: You'll also receive:

($400 Value)

  • 8 live, online Wheel of the Year ceremonies annually with Flora and EarthSong Temple to ground your cyclic living as a spiritual practice and celebrate with community. These ceremonies are included at no extra charge, whether you purchase a single Bundle or the full year, and are an ongoing bonus you can enjoy as you wish.

Start Walking the Wheel:

Purchase a single Bundle: $33 USD
Or purchase the Full Year (8 Bundles): $225 USD

About Flora Ware

Flora Ware is a paradigm shifter, nature lover, and Celtic witch. As founder of EarthSong Temple, she serves a global community as a Ceremonial Priestess, Pagan Songstress and Cyclic Living Teacher.

Flora attended her first women’s circle in 1993, and has been on a spiritual path of devotion to the Divine Feminine ever since. She is deeply connected to her Celtic ancestral roots, with Irish on her maternal side and British on her paternal line. Honouring and aligning with the rhythms of the sun and moon is a keystone in her personal practice and how she guides others in earth-based spirituality.

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with her soul sisters, Flora loves hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto! She lives with her family in Vernon, BC, Canada.

Still here? Maybe you have questions:

Can I start at any point of the year?

Yes, you can join at any time!

Once you do, you'll have immediate access to the available materials in the EarthSong Members area.

You'll have ongoing access to the Members area— long after your purchase. Consider yourself part of the EarthSong Temple community! You'll also be auto-magically registered to attend the Wheel of the Year holy-day ceremonies that we hold 8 times a year. 

Do I have to be Celtic or already have some knowledge about the Celtic Wheel of the Year?

No you don't! Walking the Wheel is as educational as it is inspirational. So you'll learn as you go.

Is this for women only?

Not at all. EarthSong Temple welcomes all genders. Earth magic is for everyone. 

So is this LGBTQ+ friendly?

You bet! Flora is queer, and the community is very inclusive.