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March 13, 2024

The history of song priestesses stretches back through the annals of time, weaving a tapestry of cultural significance and spiritual resonance.

The Pythian Priestesses who tended the Oracle at Delphi, in ancient Greece, were known to chant creating altered states of consciousness through sound. The Celtic Bandorai, also known as Banduri or female Druids, held a sacred role in fostering harmony and connection within their communities through rites of passage, which always included drumming and music.

In ancient India, women served as temple singers, known as “devadasis,” and were trained in music, dance, and the recitation of sacred texts. Their performances were considered acts of worship, and the Devadasis played a crucial role in religious and cultural life.

In indigenous cultures around the world, women often held esteemed positions as shamans and spiritual leaders, guiding their communities in matters of healing, divination, and connection to the natural world. These women possessed intimate knowledge of herbal medicine, sacred rituals that included musical instruments, and communication with the spiritual realms.

Throughout history, we see the role of the temple musician, the Bard, the singer of the sacred, was integral to the spiritual and cultural fabric of their society.

Song priestesses were not only skilled musicians but also revered for their wisdom, intuition, and healing abilities. Their voices carried the echoes of ancestral knowledge, offering solace, guidance, and inspiration to those in need.

Over the last few thousand years, women have been stripped of our right to speak, sing, and lead. Our gifts were dismissed, then appropriated. Our sacred functions within the community were perverted and made profane. Women’s voices, and wisdom, were lost.

Before patriarchy, women held the sacred role of the Song Priestess. It is part of our spiritual heritage, and our birthright to answer this calling.


As guardians of ancient traditions and custodians of sacred songs, the modern day Song Priestess continues their legacy of bringing harmony, healing, and spiritual insight to their communities.

A Song Priestess serves as a conduit between humanity and the divine, channeling the power of music to elevate ceremonies, rituals, and communal gatherings. 

A Song Priestess knows how to use sacred sound to create spaces for deep relaxation, emotional release, and transmit healing frequencies through song or Light language.


If yes, then I warmly invite you into my new offering:

6-month Ceremonial Leadership and Voice Coaching Program

I train spiritual entrepreneurs in transformational ceremonial leadership and vocal coaching so they can confidently use sacred music and sound healing in their work and grow their business through speaking.

Song Priestess is for you if you want to:

    • Become a confident ceremonial leader with specialized training and mentorship
    • Heal your throat chakra and unblock your voice so you can use speaking, singing and sound healing to attract clients and grow your business
    • Overcome your self doubts, imposter syndrome and heal your Witch Wound so you can focus on your Soul’s purpose: to help others and make the world a better place
    • Know how to create effective videos, audios, and learn basic tech
    • Learn how to use sacred song and sound healing in your 1:1 practice, in-person circles and retreats, or online group programs
    • Have your work stand out with the power of music, mantra and marketing


This is for spiritual entrepreneurs who desire training in transformational ceremonial leadership and vocal coaching so they can confidently use sacred music and sound healing in their work and grow their business through speaking.

The intersection of the skills and passions I bring to my work with clients is unique:

    • 30+ years of voice training (singing, stage, & public speaking)
    • 30+ years of attending and hosting circles, workshops, concerts, retreats & healing events
    • 20 years of training and experience in business, marketing & communications, audience growth, online software and tech, copywriting
    • 20 years since my Sound Healing intensive and practicing this modality
    • Professional music production experience (3 albums self-produced)
    • 6+ years dedicated to the Priestess path, receiving high-level training in how to create and hold transformational sacred space
    • Fully self-employed since 2017 running a service-based online business


For the first time, I am putting it all together to support up to 10 women for 6 months, in a deep dive partnership with me around your sacred work. 

This hybrid 1:1 and Mastermind is specifically for spiritual entrepreneurs and healing practitioners who are ready to bring their voice and sound healing into their work and know it’s time to elevate their skills and confidence!

You understand the value of having an experienced Song Priestess and sacred business owner as a Mentor.

Our partnership will help you:

    • Show up in your most aligned leadership
    • Heal old wounds around your voice, expression, creativity, and worth
    • Embody your sacred service, fulfill your soul longing to be a divine channel
    • De-mystify marketing, social media and technology so promoting your business is joyful
    • Communicate your work in a way that engages your audience and attracts dream clients


Email me or book a complimentary connection call with me to learn more about what’s included.

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