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August 20, 2021

There is no archetype more repressed and feared than the wild woman.

She is our untamed instincts, our fierce passion, our primal nature. Notice for yourself if you feel simultaneously attracted to and repelled by those words and the image that they conjure in your imagination: Wild. Woman.

In her groundbreaking book, Women Who Run With Wolves, author Clarissa Pinkola Estés writes:

“Over time, this aspect of the Goddess in the instinctive nature has been looted, driven back and overbuilt. […] If she is suppressed, the wild woman struggles upward. No matter how many times she is forbidden, quelled, diluted, touted as unsafe, dangerous, mad, she rises upward in women such that even the most restrained woman keeps a secret place for wildwoman that is lush and wild and natural.”

The patriarchy has used SHAME to poison us against this part of ourselves.

We are conditioned to feel shame about our bodies, our instincts, our lust, our “wild” ideas, our secret dreams, and our discontent. When we feel shame, we can never feel freedom.

When we free ourselves to experience this sacred feminine archetypal energy, we find our power, our passion, and our primal, creative instincts.

In August, we explore this archetype in my She Spirals temple. In the 13 Moon™ Mystery School, the Priestess lineage training that I am on the ordination path of, She is called the Primal Goddess. She is known as a catalyzer, a lightning handler, and edge-walker.

If you are being called by the Wild Woman, then it is time to release any lingering shame from the temple of your body so you can be danced toward your freedom!

This is why I created a ritual for Releasing Shame with the Wild Woman.

This ritual is suitable for anytime from the Full Moon to the Dark Moon, in the Waning phase.

What you will need:
Private space, with no interruptions
A big candle, group of little candles, or a bonfire
Loose pieces of paper & a pen
Stereo for music
Optional: sacred smoke (sage, cedar, palo santo)

Create your sacred space for the ritual. This could involve burning incense or diffusing oils, and dressing in a ritual robe or shawl. Anything that feels good for you and gets you into a ritual head space.

Sit comfortably. Breathe deeply and ground your energy. If this is a new practice for you, visualize an object or ball of light descending from the top of your head through the center of your body, into your belly. This helps you “drop” out of your head, quiet the mind, and centers your consciousness in your body. Follow the breath, and allow yourself to feel calm and a bit heavier (grounded).

Light the candle or the fire. 

Drum, if you have one, or play rhythmic, instrumental music.

With eyes closed, begin to move and dance your body. Notice where you feel tight or numb, and where you feel loose and energized. 

Place your hands lovingly on any part of your body where you hold shame, self loathing, or even old injuries that need energy.

Allow yourself a good 10 minutes or more for your sacred dance, while consciously intending to invoke the Wild Woman archetype in you. 

If you dare, release some howls and loud vocalizations to amplify your wild woman dance.

After you’ve brought your movement to a sustained peak, then slip into more gentle dancing, slowly coming to stillness.

Stand tall and still, feeling fully alive in your body, noticing the movement of energy.

Speak out loud to the candle or fire, what shame you are releasing. Let go of all the old stories and guilt that has been trapped inside that you are now willing to be free of. Or, write it all down and then burn it!

If you have it and you would like to, make your sacred smoke offerings to the fire.

End the ritual by saying:

My body is a temple. A temple is no place for shame. 

(repeat this as many times as you wish)

I release all this, and reclaim my freedom! 

(repeat this as many times as you wish)

By the moon and by the sun, it is over, it is done. 

(repeat this as many times as you wish)

Express a prayer of gratitude, and extinguish the candle or fire. 

**Please be careful with fire and do not fall asleep with a candle burning!

If you do this ritual, I would love to hear about your experience! Please share in the comments, or email me directly.

I celebrate you in your journey to reclaim and rewild your feminine soul, sister! Blessed be.

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