Wisdom Weavers

Empower your spiritual practice through

archetypes and ancestral healing  

Online Retreat 

Friday October 22 - Sunday October 24, 2021

Come, follow the spiral pathways
to the center of the labyrinth within
each step honouring the mysteries
eternal cycles that end and begin

Wise Woman is calling us home
to return to the temple of One Heart
tending our roots of belonging
rebuilding what has fallen apart

Sisters, let's gather together
and journey betwixt and between
let's remember what was forgotten
when the King turned away from the Queen

You are invited to join us for Wisdom Weavers: a free, 3 day online retreat.

Do you want to feel more connected to your ancestral roots, but unsure how to start?

Are you curious about divine feminine archetypes and how they could transform your life?

Do you want to have more tools and practices that can guide your healing and growth?

Are you seeking to express more of your magick, but fear holds you back?

If you feel a YES to any of those questions, please join us!

The 3 live, online events will center on ancestor work, strengthening intuition, healing the witch wound, and exploring Divine Feminine archetypes through ritual ceremony, workshop training, and sacred theatre.

In the northern hemisphere, the Wheel of the Year turns towards Samhain (pronounced saw-win), more commonly known as Hallowe'en. 

This time of year is ideal for shadow healing, spirit communication, divination, and strengthening our intuition.

These skills are needed now more than ever to hold center as we traverse the chaos of crumbling systems and structures

For those of us who are hearing the urgent call of our souls for this spiritual work, we know that...


When we courageously move through the fear of our magick, we remember our abilities to weave the wisdom of our lineages into the present, and nurture the seeds of tomorrow.

When we tap into the energetic realm of Divine Feminine archetypes, it reveals our strengths and soul gifts.

When we come together in sisterhood, we heal from lifetimes of separation and suspicion and once again feel safe to share our medicine.

In Wisdom Weavers, you will learn practices, receive spiritual guidance and experience ritual ceremony to empower your spirituality in a grounded, embodied way.

After the retreat, you will also be invited to reconvene one week later and attend the Honouring Our Ancestors ceremony on Monday November 1, to commemorate the Celtic holy-day of Samhain.

“The past and the future are constantly being reshaped in the present.”
~ Sarah Drew, Gaia Codex

 Retreat Itinerary


Friday October 22

In the Opening Ceremony, you will connect with Flora and the sisterhood gathered to look at what old fears, past life wounds, and limiting beliefs are holding you back.
This letting go is essential before you can recognize the unique wisdom you hold and the ways that you can weave this into the world.
In this ritual, you will release your inhibitions


Saturday October 23

Day 2 will be a workshop on how to build an ancestors altar and a guided journey to connect with your lineages.
You do not need to know your ancestors by name or take a DNA test to form a spiritual relationship. Ancestral guidance is deeply needed in this critical crossroads of history, as well as a healing of our severed sense of home and belonging. This will support you in deepening your medicine ways without appropriating from other cultures.

Through this exploration, you will remember your roots. 


Sunday October 24

In the Closing Ceremony, you will receive potent archetypal transmissions when you meet The 13 Faces of the Goddess.


This ritual ceremony and sacred theatre is designed to awaken your ability to see Her in everyone— and most importantly to recognize yourself as both human and divine. This will restore and activate your connection to your archetypal allies, who reveal clues to your Priestess skill set and soul gifts.

Then you can reclaim your magick

** All events will take place on Zoom at Noon Pacific (Vancouver/L.A.) for 60-90 minutes.

Replays will be available to all registered.**

Opening the Temple Doors…

During this retreat we will also be opening the doors for enrollment in

She Spirals: a 13 month archetypal immersion and temple of the divine feminine.

About your host, Flora Ware

Flora Ware is a paradigm shifter, goddess guide, and founder of EarthSong Temple. She serves a global community of women through her sacred business as a Ceremonial Priestess, Leadership Mentor, Cyclical Living Teacher and Pagan Songstress.

Flora specializes in archetypal spirituality and embodiment, helping women hear their soul's voice, awaken the Goddess within, and align their life and work with their unique feminine power. Flora is deeply connected to her Celtic ancestral roots, having been on the path as a practicing witch since her first full moon women's circle in 1993. She lives in BC, Canada with her wife and young wizard-in-training.

Wisdom Weavers

October 22-24, 2021