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1:1 Vocal Healing

Step into 3 months of personalized online sessions to heal your throat chakra and liberate your voice.

Would you like to sing or speak publicly?

Do you wish to chant, sing, and use sound for spiritual connection?

Perhaps you desire to release old wounds around your voice, such as being told to “be quiet” as a child? 

Maybe you don't like the sound of your voice. And yet, deep inside you know...

...Your voice is a powerful healing instrument.

It's also an expression of your truth, values, and creativity.

My deepest wish for you is that you can become more confident in your vocal expression— whether that’s feeling free to sing in ceremonies or at family gatherings, speak in public, or enjoy for your personal self-expression.

This is all possible with 1:1 vocal healing sessions. 

Not Traditional Singing or Voice Lessons

Our private sessions will be customized to you and your goals.

You’ll be deeply held and witnessed in a safe and sacred vocal healing ceremonies to heal the blocks and old beliefs that have restricted your vocal expression.

In each session, we'll explore practices to deepen your resonance, improve your tonality, and expand your vocal range—although these are not typical singing lessons.

Whether you want to incorporate singing or chanting in your ceremonial work, or speak confidently on camera or in front of a live audience, you need a strong connection to your center of communication, the throat chakra.

…Whatever your reason, you intuitively know that it’s time to heal and empower your voice!


Vocal healing sessions will help if you:

  • Feel tension in your throat even *thinking* of having a difficult conversation or speaking your truth
  • Experience anxious feelings when you need to speak to a group or want to sing at an event
  • Have always wanted to sing, but were too scared (or were told you had a terrible voice)
  • Would like to share your message through speaking on podcasts, summits, live video, and on stages to grow your business
  • Want to reclaim singing again for own pleasure and spiritual practice, because it used to be a beautiful part of your life
  • Want to lead groups in singing and vocalizing as a sacred space holder

After Vocal Healing sessions, you will:

  • Have increased confidence in your vocal expression (speaking, singing, or both!)
  • Notice improved energy and better communication in your relationships
  • Know how to move through any anxiety that arises prior to speaking or singing publicly
  • Be empowered from this personal healing journey, led by you and your voice
  • Feel excited to sing with others— whether in devotional chanting or a family karaoke party
  • Enjoy numerous benefits that are the natural result of more confidence in your communication and greater ease in creative expression

Over the 3 months, our sessions may include:

  • Breathwork
  • Energy channeling
  • Public speaking practice
  • Goddess and archetypal invocation
  • Past life and/or Ancestral healing
  • Singing techniques
  • Chakra toning
  • Intuitive vocalizing
  • Guided visualization
  • Harmonization
  • Mantra and chanting
  • Manifestation with the voice

Depending on your interest, time could also be spent on composing your own songs, or learning specific songs or chants you wish to sing. 

What you'll receive:

  • 6, 1 hr sessions bi-weekly, on Zoom, recorded for you to keep (Value: $1,200)
  • 3 guided singalong audios to support your home practice (Value: $75)
  • Voice text support for the 3 months, on WhatsApp or Voxer (Value: $300)


  • 'Archetypal Awakening Bundle' guided meditations + journal guide (Value: $33)
  • Gift package sent by mail with a clear quartz crystal necklace encoded just for you (Value: $30)

Investment: $1.275 USD

(Total Value over $1600)

Pay in Full, or payment plans available.

"Flora was the midwife to bring forward my singing voice!"

"I have held tension in my throat for nearly twenty years and with this experience, I have felt a shift and a softening in this block. Flora knew how to stretch my vocal limit and move my voice in various ways instead of always singing in the same style. I valued her patience while I was unsure if I could sing something, and when I did, she gave me empowered feedback.
Flora also encouraged me to keep in touch between each session by voice text, and she was there to acknowledge that what I was going through. I felt witnessed by her and received support each time I reached out. I highly recommend Flora's vocal healing sessions, she will take very good care of you!"

~ Heather Egan, Canada

“I'm now able to express myself with more awareness and trust...”

“I was looking to overcome blocks that kept me from expressing myself fully, and was elated when I found Flora to be my guide. Flora used her vast knowledge and professional experience to assist me in opening my throat chakra for self-expression while speaking and singing. She also knows how to bring magic into the everyday with her ability to transmit healing sacred feminine energy, even through a computer screen! I also loved the bonus 'You are the Temple' videos and meditations. After just 6 vocal healing sessions, I’m now able to express myself with more awareness and trust during conversations around the dinner table at home, as well as sing the full palette of my emotions while interpreting music... bliss!”

~ Laurissa Wieler, Canada

"My time with Flora has been a truly transformational experience!"

"Not only did I find my voice, I discovered other aspects of healing that I wasn't expecting to uncover, associated with my throat chakra. Flora intuitively held space for me while I danced with a beautiful aspect of my shadow that I have now integrated magically into my life. Working with Flora is like having a personal Divine appointment with Goddess Herself! And a bonus for my husband who has been asking to hear me sing, now gets to hear me daily!"

~ MyLa Magdalena Justice, USA

My Background

I bring a unique blend of skills and experience as a professionally trained singer, certified sound healer, and ceremonial Priestess.

My mother says I started singing before I could even talk, and by age 6 I had taught myself how to play songs on my toy piano by ear. I began studying voice formally as a teenager, and after high school I completed my Music Diploma in Jazz & Contemporary Voice. In 2004 I trained with Jonathan Goldman at his Healing Sounds Intensive, with a focus on the voice.

I performed professionally for over a decade, teaching private singing lessons and sound healing workshops, as well. At moon circles, I was always the first to break out in song with devotional chants to the Goddess. Chanting, toning, and singing has remained a spiritual practice for me.

It is my distinct pleasure to now offer 1:1 vocal coaching in a sacred way as a Priestess, not simply a performer. I look forward to speaking with you!

"Our work together has been a major confidence booster for me to show up in community spaces to lead song."

"I have always been inspired by Flora's intoxicating vocals and love the way she weaves song into ceremonial spaces, so I knew she was the right vocal coach to guide me through opening my voice for ceremonial singing.

After just a couple sessions I realized just how much I had been constricting and holding back the power and full expression of my voice. I always thought I needed to sound "a certain way" according to other people's styles. 

Flora provided the tools, support and space for me to fully open the unique and ecstatic energy of my vocal chords. I was surprised at each session what I heard from my own voice, and was amazed at the progress I made in just three months! More than anything, singing with Flora is really fun! And our work together has been a major confidence booster for me to show up in community spaces to lead song."

~ Charlotte Eléa, U.S.A.

“Flora taught me how to find my resonance.”

“I decided to do vocal coaching with Flora because I did not like the sound of my voice. I teach yoga and guided meditation and the students always comment that they like my voice, but when I listen to any recording of mine, I would hear a chipmunk.

Flora taught me how to find my resonance. She also helped to strengthen my 5th chakra which has directly impacted the way that I communicate my truth. I feel more confident when speaking and chanting in class. Amazingly, I can now honestly say I like the sound of my own voice! Thank you Flora.”

~ Willow Conolly, U.S.A.

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